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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

May 2, 2018

Be honest: When someone hands you a business card, you put the number in your phone and then throw it away.

In the age of LinkedIn, blogs, and websites, the business card has all but gone the way of the rolodex, or the dial up modem.

We get handfuls of them at conferences, trade shows, or networking events. They go into our bags, or briefcases, and more often than not, they stay there until we clean out our bags.

Poul Nielsen has a different kind of business card.

If you google “Most amazing business cards” odds are it won’t take you long to run across Poul’s card.

Poul owns a personal training business, and his business card is made of rubber. At first glance, the card is unreadable.

It’s not until you stretch the card out that you can read what it says. His name, title, and contact information.

His card is literally have you exercise in order to read the details.

Most business cards are just a simple exchange of information. You give them your number, they give you theirs.

Poul’s is a perfect example of thinking outside of the box, and how a business card can really be a metaphor for the value that you can offer to a potential client.

How are you setting yourself apart?

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