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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

Jun 6, 2018

It’s easy to give up, people do it all of the time.  But being able to keep at it after being ignored time and time again?  That is something special, and it leads to results.

Brendan Alan Barrett is a persistence specialist.  He believes in the product that he’s selling and he knows when the right message gets in front of the right person, they will do business with him.  So he makes phone calls, sends emails, leaves voicemails, reaches out on social media, and has even been known to show up at a company’s front door. He does this all in the name of good old fashioned persistence.

Occasionally he’ll get some four letter words tossed his way or continue to be ignored, but he takes that as a challenge.  He just hasn’t found a creative way to reach that person… yet.

Brendan believes if you haven’t reached out to someone at least 7 times, you probably don’t really exist to them yet.  He doesn’t take lack of responses personally because people are busy! How could he take the rejection as a reflection on him when they don’t even know him?  He keeps it light.

Brendan has a ton of tips on how you can develop your muscle for persistence.  To hear more about Brendan’s methods on organization, strategy, and attitude check out this episode of How To Get A Meeting With Anyone.