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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

Apr 4, 2018

How many names  of graphic designers can you rattle off? Let’s take it up a notch: how many names of legendary business card designers do you know? My guess is, not many. But you probably already know Swiss designer Remo Caminada, or at least his handiwork.

When you Google “coolest business cards in the world,” you’ll find a plethora of different lists. But every list you find will include Remo’s business card he created for a dentist. This card doesn’t just provide contact info -- it’s transcended the typical business card and become an engagement device.

Within the first one or two cards the dentist handed out, she had a new client. And so did Remo -- Calls started coming in all over the world for his design. Canada, Pakistan, the list goes on. So why do we all love this card so much?

Listen in to hear how Remo, founder of design company Mokum, created not just a business card, but a famous, viral, and masterful connection piece, that’s garnering his clients new business all across the world.