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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

Jun 20, 2018

There are a few people who can transform your career, business and life.

How well do you know them?

We all know we need to do research and know the people we’re reaching out to.

If we’re reaching out to people we believe could exponentially change the scale of our business, speaking to them relevantly requires us to how we fit into their world.

Our success dwindles when we do not walk into a meeting with knowledge on our side.  Knowing need allows us to determine what value we may provide to them.

David Henzel is the entrepreneur behind the service Taskdrive, and he knows what it takes to learn about the people with whom we do business.

In addition to an efficient and robust networking process, David has augmented a team of researchers that are able to achieve results far more impactful than what we can do alone.

The team and playbook do the leg work of researching so that you can show up having done your homework and save precious time.