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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

Apr 30, 2018

What if a cupcake were the key to getting in front of the prospect you’ve been chasing?

My friend Rick Tobin tells a fantastic story about a prospect that he was having a particularly hard time getting in front of.

Rick heard that it was this client’s birthday, so he did something simple.

He went to a local grocery store, bought a box of cupcakes, personalized them, and delivered them to the prospect’s office, wishing him a happy birthday.

The prospect invited him in, and they had a great chat, which has led to a relationship that has generated well over $100,000 in commissions so far.

Why was this such a success?

Because it humanized Rick.

It showed the client that Rick was more than someone looking for a deal. He was simply a human, wishing another human a happy birthday.

Something seemingly trivial, when acknowledged, can wind up being not only a conversation starter, but also a relationship builder as well.

Being creative with showing your humanity can also cause a client to simply say, “I like the way you think.”

And when the client likes the way you think, you’ve opened the door to relationship that could last for years.

How are you showcasing your humanity?

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